The items in the following list are direct links to the video files. My recommendation is that you right-click the desired link, select to download the file, and ensure that the proper file extension (.mov or .mp4) is present before attempting to play it. All videos posted in the blaug entries are repeated here.
.mp4 | 219 MB | 4:17
2007 June 27
A look at spoils of my dorm room that starts in a small but rare park just outside.
.mov | 92 MB | 1:00
2007 July 26
An example of the insanely large selection of cell phone models available in Japan.
.mov | 40 MB | 0:25
2007 September 6
As I was standing on a street corner taking pictures, one of Japan’s weird politics vehicles roamed past like an annoying ice cream truck for adults.
.mov | 21 MB | 0:13
2007 September 6
A few minutes after the politics mobile, an ambulance happened to drive by. Who knew that a traffic intersection could be so interesting?
.mov | 27 MB | 0:17
2007 September 6
It is easier than you might expect to get hurt or killed by a train in Japan: They zoom by really close and really fast. And there is usually so much noise on the platforms that one might not notice a train’s approach if facing the other direction.
.mov | 199 MB | 2:08
2007 September 6
I took three videos from the window of a shinkansen, or bullet train. The first is of downtown Tokyo, to give a little feeling for what it looks like and how endless it feels. Tokyo Tower can be seen clearly at about 0:40.
.mov | 104 MB | 1:10
2007 September 6
Although I took this from a shinkansen, the scenery looks identical to what I see from a regular train on the way to work every day.
.mov | 130 MB | 1:24
2007 September 6
As best as I could tell, the train was moving at its highest speed when I filmed this. That speed should be about 300 km/hr.
.mov | 82 MB | 0:51
2007 September 6
Akihabara overwhelmed my senses with a constant pounding of lights and sound, no matter where I went. I tried to capture some of that.
.mov | 106 MB | 1:15
2007 September 6
I was in Shinjuku, and there was some Japanese weirdness going on below me. I’m not really sure what to call it . . . a singing-dancing-concert-festival?
.mov | 162 MB | 1:41
2007 September 6
If you thought the last group was peculiar, then these guys might just be a little scary. Thanks go to Scott for these videos, as I would not have been in Shinjuku at the right time if not for him.
Atelier ONE Promotional Video
.mp4 | 17 MB | 2:54
2007 September 6
This is the flashy promo video of my photo studio that I mentioned previously. I copied it onto my computer without permission, so I won’t be making it available to anyone who happens to be reading my blaug. Use the following address:
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