the grime and the glory
Tuesday, 2007 October 30
On Sunday I got two unexpected opportunities to take pictures of my hotel that are normally unobtainable. One place is pretty, and the other is decidedly not so. However, both are interesting and
for the sake of indelibility
Sunday, 2007 October 28
After work today I was invited to go out to dinner with my coworkers. I enjoy going to Japanese restaurants with Japanese people—it’s actually quite a different experience from what I’ve known in
what is it with me and this country?
Sunday, 2007 October 14
Am I a different person when I’m in the United States? Does using Japanese all day long cause my brain to fire in unfamiliar patterns, increasing the chance that some of those mental sparks might
time for change
Tuesday, 2007 October 9
This blaug of mine is headed in a bad direction. The way that I’ve been updating it and the lifestyle that I’m living do not match, and that discrepancy has been threatening to send this thing to
could be better, could be a lot worse
Thursday, 2007 September 6
When I woke up this morning, my head wasn’t aching with the usual, cold cloud of mist that confuses my senses, forcing me to grope around helplessly for some reason as to why all five of them were
Errol is in Japan again. Welcome to his new blaug, which is hopefully an improvement over the last one—it might even receive updates!